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Learn to Play Music Online — Live

LessonFace logoPaperCanoe’s sis­ter site Lesson­Face launched this week. It’s not exactly ‘elec­tri­fy­ing print,’ but we’d be remiss to not men­tion it, being as it has taken most of our time lately. The idea is live, online music lessons via web­cam. So the teacher and stu­dent can be any­where in the world, and can meet online face-to-face. The site already has some incred­i­bly tal­ented musi­cians and music teach­ers, in a pretty big vari­ety of instru­ments and styles. The video plat­form is top-notch.  If you’re a stu­dent or teacher of music (or even if you’re not), you should def­i­nitely check it out!

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