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Here’s a first look at the early Amer­i­can sheet music col­lec­tion that Paper­Ca­noe is mak­ing avail­able on for down­load and/or print for free. The Mae­stro will launch soon with about 350 songs, all pub­lished orig­i­nally between the late 1700s and early 1900s. Many pieces will be famil­iar, and it’s evi­dent from the wear on the pages that they were all well-loved in their time. Maybe it’s time for a revival!

Stephen Foster's My Old Kentucky Home Sheet Music Cover

This col­lec­tion includes dozens and dozens of Stephen Fos­ter clas­sics, includ­ing My Old Ken­tucky Home.

Ave Maria Sheet Music Cover

There are a num­ber of reli­gious pieces in the early Amer­i­can col­lec­tion, includ­ing Ave Maria and Rock of Ages.

Ballad for Spanish Guitar

The col­lec­tion is pri­mar­ily piano or vocal (or both), but also includes a good bit of sheet music for the gui­tar, harp, organ, vio­lin, and flute.

Cavalier or cad Sheet Music Title Page

What a guy! Great old gui­tar sheet music for the cavalier/cad.

Comedic Ballad Sheet Music

Many of the songs’ themes are so timeless.

Cuban Dance Sheet Music

This one looks fun.

Early American Sheet Music Cover

The Stephen Fos­ter col­lec­tion has many of his less-remembered songs, as well as the still-familiar melodies of Old Folks at Home, Camp­town Races, and Oh! Suzannah.

Erin Go Braugh Sheet Music

The clas­sic Irish folk song. Other cul­tures that made it into the folk music in the col­lec­tion — Basque, Scotch, French, Ital­ian, Japan­ese, Russ­ian, Jew­ish, and more.

Fairy Land Sheet Music Cover

It was a roman­tic era.

German March Sheet Music Cover

Very few of the pieces are in color.

Girl Soldier Sheet Music

Imag­ine doing any­thing active in that get-up. (A sur­pris­ing amount of the sheet music in the col­lec­tion was writ­ten by women. A huge amount was ded­i­cated to women.)

Irving Berlin Sheet Music cover

Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morn­ing! By Irv­ing Berlin

Marines Hymn Sheet Music Cover
Pirate Sheet Music Cover

True to the roman­tic (and his­tor­i­cally rel­e­vant, of course) time, the col­lec­tion has a smat­ter­ing of songs about the sea and pirates.

Polka Sheet Music

Col­lec­tion includes a ton of polkas! This one had the best danc­ing on the cover.

Gypsey Sheet Music Cover

The col­lec­tion includes music from the melt­ing pot of cul­tures that were pour­ing into the US between the late 1700s and early 1900s.

Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music

The col­lec­tion includes a lot of very famil­iar patri­otic tunes like Yan­kee Doo­dle — as well as war anthems from the war of 1812, the Civil War, and WW1.

Twinkling Star Sheet Music Cover

Included because of my affin­ity for shep­herd dogs and young dandies hang­ing out with griz­zled pontificators.

Stephen Foster's My Old Kentucky Home Sheet Music CoverAve Maria Sheet Music CoverBallad for Spanish GuitarCavalier or cad Sheet Music Title PageComedic Ballad Sheet MusicCuban Dance Sheet MusicEarly American Sheet Music CoverErin Go Braugh Sheet MusicFairy Land Sheet Music CoverGerman March Sheet Music CoverGirl Soldier Sheet MusicIrving Berlin Sheet Music coverMarines Hymn Sheet Music CoverPirate Sheet Music CoverPolka Sheet MusicGypsey Sheet Music CoverStar Spangled Banner Sheet MusicTwinkling Star Sheet Music Cover will be full of free sheet music, so check it out, down­load, and print if you pre­fer — at no cost.

Yes please. Take me to get some of that old time free sheet music.


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